Single Charger
Input 12-24V, max input current: 8.5A
Double Charger for 2 batteries
Input 12-24V, max input current: 17A
Double charger for fixed wiring

Enjoy a new, more complete independence

Charge your e-bike batteries while you travel

Extremely efficient

Connects to standard 12 or 24 V lighter socket

Operates safely both on the road and at rest

Protects the car battery

Can charge 2 different batteries simultaneously

Efficiency >90% (~65% via 220V converter)

Engineered and manufactured in Germany

Technical Details

1. The PowerButler e-bike charger analyses and adapts.

The PowerButler automatically checks the voltage of the connected e-bike batteries, and automatically adjusts the charging parameters.

2. The PowerButler e-bike charger is extremely efficient.

Off a 100Ah car battery, an e-bike battery usually can be recharged up to two times in a row, without having to
recharge the car battery. The duration of the charging process is dependent on the e-bike battery, and capacity and quality of the car battery. Under good conditions, an e-bike battery is charged after about five hours.

3. The PowerButler e-bike charger remains cool and quiet.

It is designed for lowest possible power losses and warming-up. This is made possible by the use of selected high grade components that work together in the best way, unlike in other chargers there are therefore no transformers. Once the e-bike battery is fully charged, the PowerButler uses almost no current.

4. The PowerButler e-bike charger protects the on-board battery.

Before starting the charging process, the PowerButler checks whether the input voltage from the vehicle battery (car, boat, caravan, camper) is sufficient for the necessary charging current.

5. The PowerButler e-bike charger knows who is connected.

PowerButler e-bike charger Multi is able to charge two e-bike batteries at the same time, even if the batteries are of different types of e-bikes. It is even intelligent enough to prioritize the battery with the lower charge, in order to finish both batteries at the same time.

6. The PowerButler e-bike charger always does the job.

Whether you're on the road or stationary, the PowerButler is always able to charge the e-bike batteries. It always makes sure that conditions are optimized, protecting the car battery.

7. The PowerButler e-bike charger is easy to connect.

The power butler has a 0.9 m connection cable with a standard cigarette lighter plug.
Supported voltage:
Cigarette lighter socket 12 V to 24 V
Standard socket in boat / caravan / camper 12 V to 24 V
Car extension cable* 8 A / 6-24 V 12 V to 24 V
Car double socket* 5 A / 12 V 12 V
*Use is dependent on the length and diameter of the
cable. If the cable is too thin or too long, the device switches

8. The PowerButler e-bike charger converts voltage perfectly.

The power butler always ensures a secure, direct and low-loss mobile charging process of the e-bike batteries. Therefore, it is not necessary or advisable to use a "normal" 12V / 220V converter to charge the ebike batteries.
a. The series circuit of 12V / 220 volt transformer and 220 volt electric bike charger leads to high energy losses. Every electrical appliance has losses. The more devices are connected in sequence, the greater the losses, as they multiply. E.g., if the 220 volt converter has an efficiency of 80% and the charger also 80%, then actually both together have an efficiency of only 64% - the rest of the input power is getting lost. The car
battery gets drained substantially more.
b. Furthermore, most 220 volt converters do not have a deep discharge protection. That puts the car battery at risk of suffering damage.
c. In addition, the operation with 220 volts while driving is very dangerous (shocks / moving parts).

9. The PowerButler e-bike charger will let you know.

The PowerButler e-bike charger has a red LED. During the charging process, this LED flashes. When charging is completed, it lights up permanently.